#15 Western KentuckyWestern Kentucky
(11-3, 6-1)
#2 Georgia SouthernGeorgia Southern
(11-3, 7-1)
NCAA I-AA Semifinals
2:00 PM, December 14, 2002 -
Paulson Stadium - Statesboro, GA
Attendance: 6,573

BasicsPossessionsPlaysYardsScoring OppsAvg. FPPlays/PossYards/PlayYards/PossOpps/PossPoints/Opp
Georgia Southern1361386631.24.76.3329.70.464.67
Western Kentucky1275352729.66.34.6929.30.584.43
Success RateRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern40.5%42.1%35.0%52.4%
Western Kentucky41.4%47.1%40.4%47.8%
Yards Per PlayRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern5.268.895.308.29
Western Kentucky3.389.933.377.70
Success Rate by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern46.2%45.5%38.9%36.8%41.0%
Western Kentucky25.0%65.0%50.0%32.0%42.7%
Yards Per Play by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern6.154.364.839.006.33
Western Kentucky3.947.054.213.564.69
Success Rate by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern28.6%55.0%50.0%0.0%41.0%
Western Kentucky37.9%46.2%38.9%100.0%42.7%
Yards Per Play by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern6.396.955.75-1.006.33
Western Kentucky3.697.002.568.504.69
IsoPPPRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. DownsGame
Georgia Southern1.2351.9241.5661.3511.454
Western Kentucky0.8761.4750.9321.1951.019
Avg Yards To Go By Down1st2nd3rd4th
Georgia Southern9.718.305.081.00
Western Kentucky9.347.154.722.50
Expected ScoresQ1Q2Q3Q4Final
Georgia Southern7.99
7 (-0.99)
0 (-4.26)
0 (-7.59)
21 (4.39)
28 (-8.46)
Western Kentucky2.26
7 (4.74)
10 (-5.81)
7 (-1.32)
7 (-1.10)
31 (-3.48)
Total Yards by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern804887171386
Western Kentucky631415989352
Percentile PerformancesValueHist. Rank%ile Perf.
YPP Differential1.64174 / 52366th
Total Yards Per Play Gained6.33196 / 52362nd
Total Yards Per Play Allowed4.69215 / 52358th
Rush Yards Per Play Gained5.26241 / 52354th
Rush Yards Per Play Allowed3.38213 / 52359th
Pass Yards Per Play Gained8.89187 / 52364th
Pass Yards Per Play Allowed9.93467 / 52310th
Rushing StatsRushesYardsYds/AttSuccess RtLY/AttOpp RtHlt/OppPower RtStuff Rt
Georgia Southern422295.4540.5%3.1842.9%5.3137.5%19.0%
Jermaine Austin181287.1155.6%3.7444.4%7.5950.0%5.6%
Chaz Williams14191.3614.3%1.0921.4%1.2725.0%50.0%
Zzream Walden6376.1733.3%4.5066.7%2.50-0.0%
Mark Myers23216.00100.0%7.25100.0%8.75-0.0%
Kevin Davis2136.5050.0%4.7550.0%3.50-0.0%
Western Kentucky582123.6641.4%2.6627.6%3.6054.5%19.0%
Jon Frazier281033.6846.4%2.6928.6%3.4633.3%25.0%
Jason Michael15473.1353.3%2.1433.3%2.9880.0%26.7%
Jeremi Johnson9242.6711.1%2.5611.1%1.00-0.0%
Maurice Bradley492.250.0%2.250.0%--0.0%
Shannon Hayes11616.00100.0%7.50100.0%8.50-0.0%
Casey Rooney11313.00100.0%7.50100.0%5.50-0.0%
Passing StatsCompAttYardsComp %INTYds/AttYds/Comp
Georgia Southern91816050.0%08.8917.78
Standard Downs386537.5%08.1321.67
Passing Downs6109560.0%09.5015.83
Chaz Williams91816050.0%08.8917.78
Standard Downs386537.5%08.1321.67
Passing Downs6109560.0%09.5015.83
Western Kentucky91514960.0%09.9316.56
Standard Downs263633.3%06.0018.00
Passing Downs7911377.8%012.5616.14
Jason Michael91514960.0%09.9316.56
Standard Downs263633.3%06.0018.00
Passing Downs7911377.8%012.5616.14
Receiving StatsTargetsCatchesYardsCatch RtSuccess RtYds/CatchYds/Tgt
Georgia Southern17916053%47%17.89.4
Carl Kearney1079370%60%13.39.3
Zzream Walden314733%33%47.015.7
Mark Myers2000%0%0.00.0
Anthony Williams1120100%100%20.020.0
P.J. Cantrell1000%0%0.00.0
Western Kentucky15914960%53%16.69.9
Shannon Hayes532560%40%8.35.0
Casey Rooney3390100%100%30.030.0
Jon Frazier321967%67%9.56.3
Jerome Reaves3000%0%0.00.0
Jeremi Johnson1115100%100%15.015.0
SituationScorePlayPre-Play Win ProbabilityPost-Play Win ProbabilityPlay Impact
4th Quarter ()
2nd and 6 at Opp 38
28-31Scott Shelton field goal attempt from 56 MISSED - wide right, spot at WKU38, clock 00:00.25.7%0.0%-25.7%
4th Quarter (0:57)
2nd and 10 at Opp 33
28-24Jason Michael deep pass complete to Casey Rooney for 31 yards to the GSU2, 1ST DOWN WKU, out-of-bounds.61.5%36.2%-25.3%
4th Quarter (0:51)
1st and 2 at Opp 2
28-24Jason Michael rush quarterback keeper for 2 yards to the GSU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:46.36.2%12.4%-23.8%
1st Quarter (8:25)
3rd and 7 at Opp 1
0-0Jon Frazier rush up middle for 1 yard to the GSU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 07:58.50.0%29.8%-20.2%
4th Quarter (1:35)
4th and 4 at Opp 48
28-24Jason Michael middle pass complete to Jeremi Johnson for 15 yards to the GSU33, 1ST DOWN WKU (Derrick Butler),74.4%55.0%-19.3%
4th Quarter (4:32)
1st and 10 at Opp 31
21-24Jermaine Austin rush up middle for 31 yards to the WKU0, 1ST DOWN GSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:26.51.2%67.0%15.9%
4th Quarter (6:01)
2nd and 10 at Opp 20
14-24Chaz Williams screen pass complete to Ant Williams for 20 yards to the WKU0, 1ST DOWN GSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:43.7.1%21.7%14.6%
4th Quarter (0:13)
3rd and 10 at Own 37
28-31Chaz Williams middle pass complete to Carl Kearney for 21 yards to the WKU42, 1ST DOWN GSU (Jeremy Chandler).9.5%23.9%14.4%
2nd Quarter (4:52)
3rd and 2 at Opp 33
7-14Chaz Williams rush quarterback keeper for a loss of 4 yards to the WKU37, fumble forced by Karl Maslowski, fumble by Chaz Williams recovered by WKU Kris Mau at WKU37.33.7%20.5%-13.2%
4th Quarter (1:54)
3rd and 4 at Opp 48
28-24Jason Michael middle pass incomplete to Jerome Reaves (F. Pesqueira).62.4%74.4%11.9%