Georgia SouthernGeorgia Southern
(3-1, 1-1)
3:30 PM, September 29, 2007
Paulson Stadium - Statesboro, GA
Attendance: 15,486

BasicsPossessionsPlaysYardsAvg. FPPlays/PossYards/PlayYards/PossPoints/Poss
Georgia Southern127739745.86.45.1633.13.67
Western Carolina146435326.84.65.5225.21.50
BasicsScoring OppsOpps/PossPoints/OppOpportunity PointsExplosive PointsAvailable YardsAvailable Yards GainedAvailable Yards %
Georgia Southern90.754.8944665043166.3%
Western Carolina40.291.75714102546345.2%
Success RateRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern39.7%64.3%51.8%23.8%
Western Carolina30%29.5%35.3%23.3%
Yards Per PlayRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern3.8811.464.776.19
Western Carolina1.088.365.535.50
Success Rate by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern50.0%47.8%45.8%28.6%44.2%
Western Carolina23.1%33.3%33.3%30.0%29.7%
Yards Per Play by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern8.194.874.792.795.16
Western Carolina5.
Success Rate by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern44.8%39.3%37.5%100.0%44.2%
Western Carolina27.6%26.3%28.6%100.0%29.7%
Yards Per Play by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern4.105.755.318.005.16
Western Carolina5.553.477.937.505.52
IsoPPPRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. DownsGame
Georgia Southern0.6372.1680.7101.1720.778
Western Carolina0.4712.5950.6542.2441.240
Avg Yards To Go By Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern9.768.
Western Carolina11.0710.7911.362.5010.78
Expected ScoresQ1Q2Q3Q4Final
Georgia Southern12.04
10 (-2.04)
17 (3.53)
3 (-6.84)
20 (13.46)
50 (8.11)
Western Carolina1.97
0 (-1.97)
0 (-4.77)
7 (0.21)
14 (-1.75)
21 (-8.28)
Total Yards by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern13111211539397
Western Carolina676265159353
Percentile PerformancesValueHist. Rank%ile Perf.
YPP Differential-0.36364 / 53632nd
Total Yards Per Play Gained5.16357 / 53633rd
Total Yards Per Play Allowed5.52331 / 53638th
Rush Yards Per Play Gained3.88419 / 53621st
Rush Yards Per Play Allowed1.0814 / 53697th
Pass Yards Per Play Gained11.46102 / 53681st
Pass Yards Per Play Allowed8.36412 / 53623rd
Passing StatsCompAttYardsComp %Success RtTDINTYds/AttYds/Comp
Georgia Southern111314984.6%69.2%2011.4613.55
Standard Downs788287.5%75.0%2010.2511.71
Passing Downs456780.0%60.0%0013.4016.75
Jayson Foster1010147100.0%80.0%1014.7014.70
Standard Downs2218100.0%100.0%009.009.00
Passing Downs114100.0%0.0%004.004.00
Billy Lowe12250.0%50.0%101.002.00
Standard Downs112100.0%100.0%102.002.00
Passing Downs0100.0%0.0%000.000.00
Chris Ashkouti0100.0%0.0%000.000.00
Standard Downs0100.0%0.0%000.000.00
Passing Downs0000.0%-000.000.00
Western Carolina183932646.2%33.3%308.3618.11
Standard Downs91914047.4%36.8%007.3715.56
Passing Downs92018645.0%30.0%309.3020.67
Adam Hearns102621338.5%30.8%308.1921.30
Standard Downs0100.0%0.0%000.000.00
Passing Downs236566.7%66.7%1021.6732.50
Todd Spitzer81311361.5%38.5%008.6914.13
Standard Downs233666.7%66.7%0012.0018.00
Passing Downs0100.0%0.0%000.000.00
Rushing StatsRushesYardsYds/AttSuccess RtLY/AttOpp RtHlt/OppPower RtStuff Rt
Georgia Southern622614.2140.3%2.8138.7%3.6157.1%17.7%
Chris Teal20643.2040.0%2.2630.0%3.150.0%30.0%
Jayson Foster17965.6535.3%3.1135.3%7.20100.0%11.8%
Mike Hamilton15644.2746.7%3.6046.7%1.43100.0%0.0%
Dusty Reddick3186.0066.7%5.0066.7%1.50-0.0%
Sean Gray393.000.0%2.6733.3%1.00-33.3%
Tim Camp231.5050.0%-1.0550.0%5.10-50.0%
Lynon Jefferson11212.00100.0%7.50100.0%4.50-0.0%
Kyle Collins1-5-5.000.0%-6.000.0%--100.0%
Western Carolina20723.6030.0%1.4030.0%7.3566.7%45.0%
Adam Hearns66110.1766.7%3.9866.7%9.28-33.3%
Mike Malone5234.6020.0%3.8040.0%2.00100.0%0.0%
Willie Harper420.5025.0%0.500.0%-50.0%75.0%
Todd Spitzer3-10-3.330.0%-4.000.0%--100.0%
Marcus Brown111.000.0%1.000.0%--0.0%
Kyle Garland1-5-5.000.0%-6.000.0%--100.0%
Receiving StatsTargetsCatchesYardsCatch RtSuccess RtYds/CatchYds/Tgt
Georgia Southern131114984.6%69.2%13.511.5
Chris Ashkouti3338100.0%100.0%12.712.7
Chris Teal2238100.0%100.0%19.019.0
Michael McIntosh2233100.0%50.0%16.516.5
Steve Cundari2211100.0%100.0%5.55.5
Lynon Jefferson1131100.0%100.0%31.031.0
Raja Andrews1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Garryon Taylor1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Tim Camp11-2100.0%0.0%-2.0-2.0
Western Carolina391832646.2%33.3%18.18.4
Eddie Cohen14821257.1%50.0%26.515.1
Marcus Brown1021620.0%10.0%8.01.6
Kyle Garland633650.0%16.7%12.06.0
Nick Miller31733.3%33.3%7.02.3
Joe Clark211350.0%50.0%13.06.5
Donald James1120100.0%100.0%20.020.0
Mike Malone1113100.0%100.0%13.013.0
Willie Harper119100.0%0.0%9.09.0
Andrew Rogers1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Off.SituationScorePlayPre-Play Win ProbabilityPost-Play Win ProbabilityPlay Impact
1st Quarter (2:36)
3rd and 2 at Opp 34
3-0J. Foster rush SC for 34 yards to the WCU0, 1ST DOWN GSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:14.68.0%79.2%11.2%
1st Quarter (8:59)
4th and 5 at Opp 30
0-0J. Foster rush OKL for 19 yards to the WCU11, 1ST DOWN GSU, out-of-bounds (Chris Collins).54.5%64.8%10.3%
2nd Quarter (15:00)
3rd and 10 at Own 46
10-0Todd Spitzer rush for loss of 8 yards to the WCU38, fumble forced by D. Walker, fumble by Todd Spitzer recovered by GSU L. Beard at WCU38.78.6%86.9%8.3%
2nd Quarter (9:44)
1st and 10 at Own 35
13-0Todd Spitzer slant pass complete to Marcus Brown for 7 yards to the WCU42, fumble forced by B. Jackson, fumble by Marcus Brown recovered by GSU B. Daniel at WCU38.85.8%92.9%7.1%
1st Quarter (3:48)
1st and 10 at Own 31
3-0J. Foster post pass complete to C. Teal for 27 yards to the WCU42, 1ST DOWN GSU (Darrell Gray).62.9%68.4%5.5%
2nd Quarter (13:10)
4th and 3 at Opp 31
10-0J. Foster rush QK for 4 yards to the WCU27, 1ST DOWN GSU (Chris Collins;Carlton Bailey).84.1%88.8%4.7%
1st Quarter (1:47)
1st and 20 at Own 10
10-0Todd Spitzer slant pass complete to Eddie Cohen for 23 yards to the WCU33, 1ST DOWN WCU (T. Benefield).81.7%77.3%-4.4%
1st Quarter (7:35)
3rd and 4 at Opp 5
0-0J. Foster rush OKR for 2 yards to the WCU3 (Q. Phillips;Chris Collins).63.8%59.6%-4.2%
1st Quarter (4:38)
3rd and 8 at Own 35
3-0Todd Spitzer middle pass incomplete to Marcus Brown.59.1%63.0%3.9%
2nd Quarter (8:18)
3rd and 11 at Opp 39
13-0J. Foster middle pass complete to L. Jefferson for 31 yards to the WCU8, 1ST DOWN GSU (Chris Collins).91.4%95.0%3.6%