Georgia SouthernGeorgia Southern
(5-4, 2-3)
4:00 PM, November 5, 2022 -
Paulson Stadium - Statesboro, GA
Attendance: 17,084

BasicsPossessionsPlaysYardsAvg. FPPlays/PossYards/PlayYards/PossPoints/Poss
Georgia Southern126336630.35.35.8130.52.00
South Alabama138351426.76.46.1939.52.92
BasicsScoring OppsOpps/PossPoints/OppOpportunity PointsExplosive PointsAvailable YardsAvailable Yards GainedAvailable Yards %
Georgia Southern50.423.40171483640448.3%
South Alabama70.545.4338095350953.4%
Success RateRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern29.4%50.0%47.6%38.1%
South Alabama59.6%38.7%61.7%26.1%
Yards Per PlayRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern4.896.186.055.33
South Alabama5.737.157.203.57
Success Rate by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern61.5%39.1%44.4%33.3%44.4%
South Alabama50.0%36.8%63.2%56.5%51.8%
Yards Per Play by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern10.624.265.283.895.81
South Alabama6.504.475.797.656.19
Success Rate by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern43.3%55.0%33.3%0.0%44.4%
South Alabama52.5%48.1%53.3%100.0%51.8%
Yards Per Play by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern5.276.106.923.005.81
South Alabama6.386.074.3330.006.19
IsoPPPRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. DownsGame
Georgia Southern1.3180.6690.8000.7470.785
South Alabama0.6810.9030.6671.2100.743
Avg Yards To Go By Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern10.138.906.335.008.94
South Alabama9.837.637.133.008.54
Expected ScoresQ1Q2Q3Q4Final
Georgia Southern15.15
21 (5.85)
3 (-4.61)
7 (-2.95)
0 (-2.26)
31 (-3.98)
South Alabama14.43
7 (-7.43)
10 (2.32)
7 (-6.49)
14 (-5.34)
38 (-16.95)
Total Yards by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern138989535366
South Alabama14385110176514
Percentile PerformancesValueHist. Rank%ile Perf.
YPP Differential-0.38369 / 53631st
Total Yards Per Play Gained5.81268 / 53650th
Total Yards Per Play Allowed6.19428 / 53620th
Rush Yards Per Play Gained4.89292 / 53645th
Rush Yards Per Play Allowed5.73480 / 53610th
Pass Yards Per Play Gained6.18338 / 53637th
Pass Yards Per Play Allowed7.15314 / 53641st
Passing StatsCompAttYardsComp %Success RtTDINTYds/AttYds/Comp
Georgia Southern264527857.8%51.1%216.1810.69
Standard Downs152717055.6%55.6%116.3011.33
Passing Downs111810861.1%44.4%106.009.82
Kyle Vantrease264527857.8%51.1%216.1810.69
Standard Downs232466.7%66.7%008.0012.00
Passing Downs1116100.0%100.0%1016.0016.00
South Alabama162719359.3%44.4%127.1512.06
Standard Downs101613562.5%50.0%018.4413.50
Passing Downs6115854.5%36.4%115.279.67
Bradley Carter162719359.3%44.4%127.1512.06
Standard Downs121950.0%50.0%009.5019.00
Passing Downs131033.3%33.3%113.3310.00
Rushing StatsRushesYardsYds/AttSuccess RtLY/AttOpp RtHlt/OppPower RtStuff Rt
Georgia Southern17955.5929.4%1.7535.3%10.8740.0%41.2%
Jalen White10656.5040.0%1.2930.0%17.3740.0%40.0%
Gerald Green5275.4020.0%3.0640.0%5.85-40.0%
Kyle Vantrease231.500.0%0.8050.0%1.40-50.0%
South Alabama493547.2263.3%4.4957.1%4.79100.0%2.0%
La'Damian Webb352477.0665.7%4.5660.0%4.17100.0%2.9%
Braylon McReynolds6427.0050.0%4.2550.0%5.50-0.0%
Omni Wells3186.0066.7%4.1733.3%5.50-0.0%
Bradley Carter3124.0033.3%3.6733.3%1.00-0.0%
Todd Justice13030.00100.0%7.50100.0%22.50-0.0%
Marco Lee155.00100.0%4.00100.0%1.00-0.0%
Receiving StatsTargetsCatchesYardsCatch RtSuccess RtYds/CatchYds/Tgt
Georgia Southern442627859.1%52.3%10.76.3
Derwin Burgess Jr.1389661.5%61.5%12.07.4
Khaleb Hood1077670.0%60.0%10.97.6
Marcus Sanders Jr521940.0%40.0%9.53.8
Jjay Mcafee423750.0%50.0%18.59.3
Dalen Cobb432975.0%50.0%9.77.3
Jalen White41625.0%25.0%6.01.5
Jeremy Singleton2211100.0%100.0%5.55.5
Ezrah Archie114100.0%0.0%4.04.0
Gerald Green1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
South Alabama251619364.0%48.0%12.17.7
Jalen Wayne732842.9%42.9%9.34.0
DJ Thomas-Jones531760.0%20.0%5.73.4
Devin Voisin424250.0%50.0%21.010.5
Caullin Lacy433375.0%25.0%11.08.3
Lincoln Sefcik2231100.0%100.0%15.515.5
Omni Wells2226100.0%100.0%13.013.0
Braylon McReynolds1116100.0%100.0%16.016.0
Off.SituationScorePlayPre-Play Win ProbabilityPost-Play Win ProbabilityPlay Impact
1st Quarter (14:29)
2nd and 9 at Own 42
0-02nd and 9 at USA42(14:50) Shotgun Bradley,Carter pass intercepted by GASOJackson,Khadry at USA43, returned 43 yards to the USA00, TOUCHDOWN, clock 14:09.46.3%68.4%22.1%
3rd Quarter (13:42)
4th and 1 at Own 34
24-174th and 1 at GASO34 Beck II,Anthony punt 51 yards to the USA15 Lacy,Caullin return 0 yards to the USA15 fumbled by Lacy,Caullin at USA15 recovered by GASOMeyers,Justin at USA15, End Of Play.73.6%89.5%15.9%
4th Quarter (6:54)
2nd and 7 at Opp 35
31-312nd and 7 at GASO35 Shotgun Webb,La'Damian rush middle for 26 yards gain to the GASO09 (Jackson,Khadry), 1ST DOWN.26.3%12.2%-14.1%
4th Quarter (12:12)
3rd and 5 at Opp 5
31-243rd and 5 at GASO5Shotgun Webb,La'Damian rush middle for 5 yards gain to the GASO00 TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:46, 1ST DOWN.67.3%54.0%-13.3%
3rd Quarter (13:16)
1st and 10 at Opp 15
24-171st and 10 at USA15 Shotgun Vantrease,Kyle pass intercepted by Banks,Yam at USA00, Touchback.89.5%76.7%-12.8%
4th Quarter (10:25)
3rd and 1 at Own 49
31-313rd and 1 at GASO49 Shotgun White,Jalen rush middle for 1 yard loss to the GASO48 (Sheriff,Jamie; Luter Jr.,Darrell).60.9%48.6%-12.3%
1st Quarter (9:42)
3rd and 1 at Own 46
7-03rd and 1 at GASO46Shotgun White,Jalen rush left for 54 yards gain to the USA00 TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:20, 1ST DOWN.74.2%85.2%11.0%
3rd Quarter (11:19)
3rd and 15 at Own 7
24-173rd and 15 at GASO7 Shotgun Vantrease,Kyle pass complete deep left to Cobb,Dalen for 16 yards to the GASO23 (Banks,Yam), 1ST DOWN.71.2%80.0%8.8%
4th Quarter (5:01)
2nd and 10 at Own 48
31-382nd and 10 at GASO48 Shotgun Vantrease,Kyle pass incomplete short right to White,Jalen.8.4%17.0%8.6%
2nd Quarter (0:11)
4th and 6 at Opp 35
24-174th and 6 at USA35Lantz,Michael field goal attempt from 52 yards NO GOOD blocked by Coleman III,Charles (H: Beck II,Anthony, LS: Langston,Mark), clock 00:06 recovered by USA Luter Jr.,Darrell at USA41, End Of Play.79.8%71.2%-8.6%