Coastal CarolinaCoastal Carolina
(2-3, 0-2)
Georgia SouthernGeorgia Southern
(4-1, 1-0)
7:00 PM, September 30, 2023 -
Paulson Stadium - Statesboro, GA
Attendance: 26,483

BasicsPossessionsPlaysYardsAvg. FPPlays/PossYards/PlayYards/PossPoints/Poss
Georgia Southern138043831.36.25.4833.72.38
Coastal Carolina146946522.44.96.7433.22.00
BasicsScoring OppsOpps/PossPoints/OppOpportunity PointsExplosive PointsAvailable YardsAvailable Yards GainedAvailable Yards %
Georgia Southern70.544.4331789340845.7%
Coastal Carolina50.365.60280108743540.0%
Success RateRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern36.4%43.1%44.9%35.5%
Coastal Carolina62.1%30.0%50.0%26.3%
Yards Per PlayRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern4.835.754.926.35
Coastal Carolina5.537.676.248.05
Success Rate by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern53.3%46.4%33.3%31.3%41.3%
Coastal Carolina35.7%47.4%57.1%36.4%43.5%
Yards Per Play by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern5.805.616.483.635.48
Coastal Carolina6.938.636.645.056.74
Success Rate by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern32.4%48.0%47.1%100.0%41.3%
Coastal Carolina57.6%22.2%28.6%75.0%43.5%
Yards Per Play by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern4.306.485.8218.005.48
Coastal Carolina7.555.284.7913.506.74
IsoPPPRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. DownsGame
Georgia Southern0.6730.8530.6811.0670.809
Coastal Carolina0.7631.0840.8790.9530.892
Avg Yards To Go By Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern10.709.568.6515.009.96
Coastal Carolina9.919.446.868.009.06
Expected ScoresQ1Q2Q3Q4Final
Georgia Southern9.26
0 (-9.26)
21 (2.69)
17 (7.93)
0 (-4.27)
38 (-2.91)
Coastal Carolina7.25
7 (-0.25)
7 (-6.73)
7 (-4.06)
7 (-1.24)
28 (-12.27)
Total Yards by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern8715713658438
Coastal Carolina9716493111465
Percentile PerformancesValueHist. Rank%ile Perf.
YPP Differential-1.26446 / 53616th
Total Yards Per Play Gained5.48308 / 53642nd
Total Yards Per Play Allowed6.74474 / 53611th
Rush Yards Per Play Gained4.83302 / 53643rd
Rush Yards Per Play Allowed5.53469 / 53612th
Pass Yards Per Play Gained5.75356 / 53633rd
Pass Yards Per Play Allowed7.67370 / 53631st
Passing StatsCompAttYardsComp %Success RtTDINTYds/AttYds/Comp
Georgia Southern345632260.7%44.6%305.759.47
Standard Downs233415767.6%47.1%204.626.83
Passing Downs112216550.0%40.9%107.5015.00
Davis Brin345632260.7%44.6%305.759.47
Standard Downs351160.0%40.0%002.203.67
Passing Downs352960.0%40.0%005.809.67
Coastal Carolina223929956.4%30.8%147.6713.59
Standard Downs132617750.0%34.6%136.8113.62
Passing Downs91312269.2%23.1%019.3813.56
Grayson McCall223929956.4%30.8%147.6713.59
Standard Downs251140.0%20.0%002.205.50
Passing Downs232566.7%33.3%008.3312.50
Rushing StatsRushesYardsYds/AttSuccess RtLY/AttOpp RtHlt/OppPower RtStuff Rt
Georgia Southern221456.5940.9%3.8040.9%6.8350.0%4.5%
Jalen White11777.0045.5%3.6836.4%9.130.0%9.1%
OJ Arnold5132.600.0%2.600.0%--0.0%
Davis Brin2126.0050.0%4.50100.0%1.50-0.0%
Alex Smith23618.00100.0%7.50100.0%10.50-0.0%
Dalen Cobb166.000.0%5.00100.0%1.00-0.0%
JC French111.00100.0%1.000.0%-100.0%0.0%
Coastal Carolina301755.8360.0%3.5353.3%4.32100.0%16.7%
Braydon Bennett151147.6066.7%4.1660.0%5.73100.0%13.3%
Grayson McCall9505.5655.6%4.1755.6%2.50-0.0%
Max Balthazar4133.2575.0%2.1050.0%2.30100.0%25.0%
Reese White2-2-1.000.0%-1.200.0%--100.0%
Receiving StatsTargetsCatchesYardsCatch RtSuccess RtYds/CatchYds/Tgt
Georgia Southern563432260.7%44.6%9.55.8
Khaleb Hood161213175.0%68.8%10.98.2
Anthony Queeley1145136.4%27.3%12.84.6
Derwin Burgess Jr.1076170.0%50.0%8.76.1
Dalen Cobb1066060.0%50.0%10.06.0
Elija Walton21750.0%50.0%7.03.5
Jjay Mcafee2000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Keaton Upshaw118100.0%0.0%8.08.0
OJ Arnold112100.0%0.0%2.02.0
Ethan Dirrim112100.0%0.0%2.02.0
Jalen White110100.0%0.0%0.00.0
Joshua Thompson1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Coastal Carolina352229962.9%34.3%13.68.5
Jared Brown11810672.7%36.4%13.39.6
Sam Pinckney9713277.8%55.6%18.914.7
Max Balthazar4419100.0%25.0%4.84.8
Tyson Mobley4000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Braydon Bennett323366.7%66.7%16.511.0
Kendall Karr31933.3%0.0%9.03.0
Matt Alaimo1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Off.SituationScorePlayPre-Play Win ProbabilityPost-Play Win ProbabilityPlay Impact
3rd Quarter (7:06)
1st and 10 at Own 16
24-21(07:05) No Huddle-Shotgun McCall,Grayson pass intercepted by Jackson,Khadry at CCU20 broken up by Wallace,Weston Jackson,Khadry return 20 yards to the CCU00 TOUCHDOWN, clock 06:58.65.0%87.5%22.5%
1st Quarter (1:03)
2nd and 25 at Opp 29
0-7(01:01) No Huddle-Shotgun Brin,Davis pass complete short middle to Cobb,Dalen for 27 yards to the CCU02 (Fletcher,Tobias), 1ST DOWN. The previous play is under review. The ruling on the field stands.33.8%49.1%15.3%
2nd Quarter (8:06)
1st and 10 at Opp 43
7-7(07:55) No Huddle-Shotgun McCall,Grayson pass complete deep middle to Pinckney,Sam for 42 yards to the GASO01 (Hickman,Damel), 1ST DOWN.40.0%25.7%-14.3%
2nd Quarter (0:44)
2nd and 5 at Opp 44
14-14(00:43) No Huddle-Shotgun McCall,Grayson pass intercepted by Williams,Cameron at GASO24, End Of Play PENALTY CCU Holding declined.39.9%52.2%12.3%
1st Quarter (12:36)
4th and 2 at Opp 26
0-0No Huddle-Shotgun Bennett,Braydon rush left for 21 yards gain to the GASO05 (Watson-Trent,Marques), 1ST DOWN.44.4%32.2%-12.2%
2nd Quarter (0:32)
2nd and 2 at Own 32
14-14(00:33) No Huddle-Shotgun White,Jalen rush middle for 29 yards gain to the CCU39 (Fletcher,Tobias), 1ST DOWN.54.5%66.1%11.6%
2nd Quarter (1:38)
4th and 7 at Opp 17
14-14(01:22) Gray,Liam field goal attempt from 34 yards NO GOOD (H: West,Mack, LS: Bunch,Payton), clock 01:19.40.7%51.1%10.4%
1st Quarter (14:12)
3rd and 6 at Own 29
0-0(14:19) No Huddle-Shotgun McCall,Grayson pass complete deep left to Brown,Jared for 37 yards to the GASO34 (Stampley II,Marc), 1ST DOWN.50.3%40.2%-10.1%
2nd Quarter (4:11)
2nd and 10 at Opp 16
7-14(03:57) No Huddle-Shotgun Brin,Davis pass complete short middle to Queeley,Anthony for 16 yards to the CCU00 TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:54, 1ST DOWN.38.0%47.6%9.6%
2nd Quarter (6:35)
4th and 15 at Own 20
7-14(07:09) No Huddle Smith,Alex rush left for 18 yards gain to the GASO38, out of bounds at GASO38, 1ST DOWN.19.5%28.8%9.3%